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Alumni of Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine are active citizens, and ambassadors of Tufts, who are working around the world to heal, help, and improve the wellbeing of animals and humans alike.

The Quest for Justice: Improving Health

Among other alumni across Tufts health sciences schools, India Napier V20 talks about the importance of exposing elementary-school children from underrepresented groups to STEM programs

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The Plague, Rare but Still Around, Is Both Preventable and Treatable

Alumna and Cummings School assistant professor, Felicia Nutter, V93, is interviewed about the ancient disease, who’s still at risk, and how clients can protect themselves and their pets

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A Deadly Rabbit Virus Spreads in the U.S.

Veterinarians Maureen Murray, V03, and Kimberlee Wojick, A01, V06, urge pet owners to prepare for the arrival of rabbit hemorrhagic disease

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The Tele-Veterinarian Will See You Now

Alumni Deborah Linder V09, SK16, Hilary Jones, V14, and Rob McCarthy, V83, share insight about the benefits of using telemedicine for both patient visits and as a teaching tool

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Can a Human Drug Stop Life-Threatening Bleeding in Dogs with Traumatic Injuries?

Sean Majoy, V06, VG13 was far too familiar with the toll that traumatic bleeding can take on dogs before he joined Cummings School as an emergency and critical care veterinarian

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The Time to Vaccinate Horses for EEE Is Now

Equine veterinarian Julia Wilkinson V10 says the region is likely in the middle of a three-year surge in the viral disease, which kills 90% of infected horses

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The Veterinarian-Humanitarian

Christine Jost, V96, F03, works to get U.S. aid where it’s needed to fight COVID-19, locusts, and other emergencies across the globe

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Pet Stress Has Increased During COVID-19, Bringing Behavior Problems

Alumna and veterinary behaviorist, Stephanie Borns-Weil, V07, discusses why the new stay-at-home normal is hard on cats and dogs—and shares tips for fostering healthy behaviors for us all

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Why We Need Veterinarians in the Policy World

Matthew Ferreira, V14, and Deborah Thomson, V12, are in Washington, D.C., bringing their expertise to One Health discussions around emerging infectious diseases and crisis response.

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Community Medicine Keeps Pets Out of Shelters

Jane Waterfall, V18, and Kayla Sample were the first two community medicine interns at the Tufts at Tech veterinary clinic in Worcester. Here’s what they learned.

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Veterinarians C.A.R.E.

The Veterinarians CARE (Companion Animals Remembered) Program provides veterinarians a unique way to commemorate their clients’ animals after they have passed away.

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DVM with client and patient