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Nominate an Alum Today!

Nominate an incredible Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine alum for the Outstanding Alumni Award or faculty member for the Faculty Hall of Fame!

The submission deadline is April 10.

Outstanding Alumni Award

The Outstanding Alumni Award honors alumni for the good name they bring to Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, the veterinary profession, and the community through their distinguished accomplishments.

Robert Marini

Dr. Robert Marini, V84

Bob is the assistant director, Division of Comparative Medicine (DCM) at MIT. Bob has worked at MIT/DCM since 1988 and has been a critical component of the DCM NIH–supported training program for the past 30 years. As assistant director and chief of surgical services, he has provided training and coordinated postdoctoral fellow rotations, class schedules, and weekly seminars on LAM. Bob has introduced many Cummings School students during their externships to a research environment and the veterinary care of animals used in research. As a teacher, Bob is patient and caring, both of the animals being studied and of the person. As the director in charge of surgery and the pre- and post-op ward for laboratory animals on surgical research protocols, he has been known to mop the floors himself if the designated assistant is not available. Bob demonstrates a commitment and leadership to his chosen field within the veterinary profession.

Rosalind Rolland

Dr. Rosalind (Roz) Rolland, V84

Roz has established herself as a respected wildlife researcher and veterinarian and was sought after by the National Marine Fisheries Services to help them with an immediate emergency, the declining population of North Atlantic right whales. Roz’s out-of-the-box thinking pioneered a new approach to studying whales that allowed for greater information on the inner health of each particular whale. Recently, she has pushed forward by developing new studies of stress and reproductive hormones measured in whale blow spray in right whales and in baleen of bowhead whales, which are the first data of this type. Roz’s commitment to studying the North Atlantic right whale will have long-lasting implications for the health of the Atlantic Ocean.

Faculty Hall of Fame

Since 2005, the Tufts University Veterinary Alumni Association has solicited nominations from veterinary alumni for induction into the Cummings School Faculty Hall of Fame. This honor was established to recognize faculty members for their outstanding commitment to excellence in teaching. One or more faculty members are inducted annually to recognize, encourage, and maintain the exceptional teaching at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.

Cheryl Blaze

Dr. Cheryl Blaze

Cheryl has served Cummings School since 2002 and is currently an associate professor of anesthesia. In addition to her clinical responsibilities, she lectures to students, leads laboratory learning, and is involved in anesthesia-resident training. Growing up on a beef cattle property in tropical Australia, Cheryl and her family lived far from a veterinary clinic. As such, animals that fell ill had to be treated onsite without a veterinarian’s attention, which developed her interest in this profession. Cheryl has received several awards, including the Norden Distinguished Teacher Award from Tufts in 2008, the MVMA Distinguished Service Award in 2013, and the Exceptional Service Award from Tufts in 2014. Cheryl exemplifies what is means to be a team player who believes that knowledge is most powerful when shared. She pushes her students to think and remain focused on the ultimate goal for each patient.

Angie Warner

Dr. Angie Warner

Angie joined the Cummings School administration as associate dean for academic affairs in 2003 and retired in 2017. During that time she was involved in curriculum evaluation and revision, academic advising of DVM students, and oversight of graduate and combined degree programs and admissions at Cummings School. Angie began teaching at Cummings School in 1987, and she continues today in an active role teaching respiratory physiology to first-year students and serving as course director for Respiratory Pathophysiology and Ethics in Veterinary Medicine for second-year students. Angie developed the Cummings School combined degree program DVM/MS in laboratory animal medicine and teaches courses in the combined degree program. Her exceptional skill as a lecturer and the clear concern and love for the students she educated has earned her lasting respect and admiration from those she taught.

Past Outstanding Alumni Award Recipients:
2016: Dr. Margaret Shively, V84
2015: Dr. John de Jong, A78, V85
2014: Dr. William Rosenblad, V95
2013: Dr. Gregory M. Wolfus, V98
2012: Raimon Duran-Struuck, A98, V02
2011: Dr. David J. McGrath III, V86
2010: Capt. Hugh M. Mainzer, V90
2009: Dr. Fredric L. Cantor, V84
2008: Dr. Gretchen Kaufman, J76, V86
2007: Dr. Jonathan H. Epstein, V02
2006: Dr. Lisa M. Freeman, J86, V91, NG96
2005: Dr. Ann Marie Manning, V93
2004: Dr. Joann Lindenmayer, V85
2003: Dr. Ray Powell, V85
2002: Dr. Michael McGuill, V91
2001: Dr. Mary Labato, V83
2000: Dr. David Malarkey, V89
1999: Dr. Wendy Emerson, V85
1998: Dr. Steven Rowell, V83
1997: Dr. Mark Pokras, V84

Past Faculty Hall of Fame Inductees:
2016: Dr. Lisa Freeman, J86, V91, NG96
2015: Dr. R. John Berg
2014: Dr. Mark Pokras, V84
2013: Dr. Joyce S. Knoll, Dr. W. Robert Cook
2012: Dr. George P. Looby
2011: Dr. Sawkat Anwer
2010: Dr. Mary Labato, V83
2009: Dr. John E. Rush
2008: Dr. George Saperstein
2008: Dr. Howard Levine
2007: Dr. Lawrence J. Kleine
2006: Dr. Linda A. Ross
2005: Dr. Mary Rose Paradis
2005: Dr. M.S.A. Kumar
2005: Dr. James N. Ross, Jr.
2005: Dr. Harold E. Hammerquist
2005: Dr. Susan M. Cotter